Consultation response: Draft performance standards for Electoral Registration Officers

Summary of the consultation outcomes

We commenced a 10 week consultation on a draft framework in January 2020 with the intention that we establish a new set of standards which can be used by Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) and us throughout the year to understand and improve their performance, ensuring ultimately that registers are as accurate and complete as possible, enabling everyone who is eligible and wants to, to be able to vote.

Overall, the feedback we have received has been positive and respondents welcomed the proposed approach. On the whole, respondents agreed that the standards – with some minor amendments – along with the proposed tools and templates to be provided by the Commission, will support EROs with understanding and improving their own performance. 

However, as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, we recognise that not everyone who would have wanted to respond to the consultation was able to do so. 

We have therefore decided to defer finalising the standards for a year, to enable further feedback to be provided.

Although we are not formally launching the standards this year, we nevertheless still believe it is important to make them and the accompanying tools and templates available as they form a key part of our guidance and support package which aims to assist EROs with planning for and delivering well-run electoral registration services across Great Britain. We will use the draft standards to inform our engagement with EROs over the next year and will report on their effectiveness before finalising them and laying them in the UK, Scottish and Welsh Parliaments by next summer.

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Next review: 2 June 2021