Consultation form: Draft performance standards for EROs

Deadline and form

The consultation closes on 31 March 2020.

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Form to respond to consultation

Draft performance standards for EROS consultation

About you

Your role

About the draft standards

Do you think the draft standards will support EROs with understanding and improving their own performance?
Do you think the standards will enable the Commission to understand the performance of EROs and to identify where support and challenge is needed?
Are the standards focussed on the right outcomes?
Do the standards focus on the right activities?
Do you have any thoughts on the measurability of the impact of the activities set out in the draft standards?
Do the standards cover the full range of responsibilities of the ERO? Are there any gaps or is there anything included that shouldn’t be there?

Using the standards: Electoral Registration Officers

Do you think the standards and the types of additional tools the Commission intends to provide will support EROs to understand and report on their own performance?
Are there any other additional tools and guidance that would help to support EROs in using the standards?

Using the standards: the Electoral Commission

Will our proposed approach to how we engage with EROs and their teams enable us to provide effective support and challenge?
Is there anything more or different we should be using the standards to do?
Do you have any views on the proposed approach to reporting?
Last updated: 30 January 2020
Next review: 16 January 2021