National estimates of accuracy and completeness


This chart shows the accuracy and completeness estimates for England, Scotland and Wales for both the parliamentary and local government registers published in December 2018.

In England, the local government registers were found to be 89% accurate and the accuracy of the parliamentary registers also stood at 89%. The local government register was 83% complete, while the parliamentary register was slightly more complete, at 85%.

In Wales, the accuracy of the registers was similar to Great Britain as a whole with the local government register 89% accurate and the parliamentary register 88% accurate. The completeness of the local government and parliamentary registers was a little lower than the Great Britain average (81% and 82% respectively).

In Scotland parliamentary registers were 87% accurate and the local government registers were 86% accurate. Completeness was close to the Great Britain average at 83% for local government registers and 84% for the parliamentary registers.



Breakdown by area

Last updated: 26 September 2019
Next review: 1 September 2020