Description of what we publish

We publish information about our commissioners’ fees, travel and subsistence costs as part of our commitment to being open about what we do.

Fees are the daily rates we pay our commissioners. The House of Commons has set the current daily rate at £390 per day, and £195 per half day, which is equivalent to Band 4 of judicial salaries.

We also pay for travel, accommodation, meals and certain other expenses that our commissioners incur while carrying out our work. The limits for these expenses are set out in our policy.

We publish an annual total at the end our financial year. Our financial year starts 1 April, and ends 31 March the following year.

2018/19 salary and fees

NameTotal (£)
Sir John Holmes (Chair)79,350
Dame Susan Bruce10,582
Anna Carragher6,556
Sarah Chambers6,842
Professor Elan Closs Stephens CBE13,179
Lord Horam of Grimsargh3,104
David Howarth3,678
Alasdair Morgan9,352
Bridget Prentice 5,764
Alastair Ross1,624
Joan Walley979
Rob Vincent CBE6,821


2018/19 travel and accommodation

NameTotal (£)
Sir John Holmes (Chair)2,859
Dame Susan Bruce1,339
Anna Carragher351 
Sarah Chambers4,477
Professor Elan Closs Stephens CBE0
Tony Hobman0
Lord Horam of Grimsargh555
David Howarth1,192
Alasdair Morgan5,009
Bridget Prentice 382
Rob Vincent CBE0

2017/18 fees, travel and subsistence

Last updated: 23 January 2020
Next review: 29 May 2020