About our Senior Leadership Group

Our Senior Leadership Group support directors, and ensure their teams are able to deliver our strategies and work effectively.

Electoral Administration and Guidance

Melanie Davidson, Head of Support and Improvement

As the Head of Support and Improvement, Mel oversees the work of our English regional team.

Charlene Hannon, Head of Guidance

Charlene oversees the work of our guidance teams.

Andy O'Neill, Head of Electoral Commission, Scotland

As Head of Electoral Commission Scotland, Andy ensures that the views of Scottish stakeholders contribute to all aspects of our work.

Cahir Hughes, Head of Electoral Commission, Northern Ireland

Cahir is the Head of Electoral Commission Northern Ireland, and represents the views of stakeholders in Northern Ireland.

Rhydian Thomas, Head of Electoral Commission, Wales

As the Head of Electoral Commission Wales, Rhydian focuses on the issues that affect Wales and ensures Wales is represented in our work.


Dan Adamson, Head of Monitoring and Enforcement

Dan leads the team carrying out investigations.

Majella La Praik, Head of Registration and Reporting

Majella oversees the registration of political parties and the reporting of expenditure.

Communications, Policy and Research

Tim Crowley, Head of Digital Communications and Learning

Tim leads the team responsible for our website, social media strategy and learning projects.

Emma Hartley, Head of Campaigns and Corporate Identity

Emma oversees the team responsible for our campaigns and internal communication.

Phil Thompson, Head of Research

Phil leads the team carrying out our research projects.

Niki Nixon, Head of External Communications

Niki oversees both the press and public affairs teams.

Tom Hawthorn, Head of Policy

As the Head of Policy, Tom leads the team carrying out our policy work.

Finance and Corporate Services

David Bailey, Head of Strategic Planning and Performance

As the Head of Strategic Planning and Performance, David oversees our governance work and our business support team.

Jennifer Hartland, Head of Human Resources

Jennifer manages all aspects of HR from recruitment to wellbeing.

Joanne Crofton-Diggins, Head of Digital Data, Technology & facilities 

Joanne oversees our IT team, as well as our information functions.

Tracey Blackman, Head of Finance and Procurement

Tracey manages the finance and procurement team.

Carol Sweetenham, Head of Projects

Carol oversees the delivery of our projects.

General Counsel

Amanda Kelly, Interim General Counsel

As Interim General Counsel, Amanda ensures our work is legally compliant.

Last updated: 31 January 2020
Next review: 29 May 2020