Why we publish travel and subsistence information

We publish information about travel and subsistence costs from our executive team and the heads of our offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is part of our commitment to being open about what we do.

We pay for travel, accommodation, meals and certain other expenses that they incur while carrying out our work. The limits for these expenses are set out in our policy.

You can also find out more about our salaries.

2019 travel and subsistence

Bob Poser, Chief Executive

DateOccasionItemCost (£)
28 MarchMeeting with Brandon Lewis MP, Chair of the Conservative PartyPublic transport2.40
26 MarchMedia trainingBreakfast4.59
20 MarchCentre for Data Ethics and Innovation Reception, 11 Downing StreetPublic transport4.80
18 MarchSpeaker's Committee Meeting, House of CommonsPublic transport2.40
14 MarchElectoral Law Forum seminarPublic transport2.40
6 MarchMeetings in WestminsterPublic transport4.80
20 FebruaryMeeting with Northern Ireland Office officials, WestminsterPublic transport4.80
8 FebruaryNational Seminar for Electoral Fraud Reduction and Prevention, BirminghamPublic transport2.40
Return rail London to
7 FebruaryAssociation of Chief Executives (ACE) RoundtablePublic transport2.40
6 FebruaryMeeting with Bridget Phillipson MPPublic transport4.80

Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation

DateOccasionItemCost (£)
18 MarchOxford Media Convention 2019 - Worcester College, OxfordReturn rail London to Oxford66.60
1 FebruaryPanellist at the CPDP (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection) Conference, BrusselsNo expenses incurred0.00

Ailsa Irvine, Director of Electoral Administration and Guidance

DateOccasionItemCost (£)
13 MarchVisit to our Scotland officeFlight London to Edinburgh165.57
Overnight hotel, Edinburgh97.50
15 MarchAirport bus4.50
Flight Edinburgh to London38.23
Taxi airport to home21.50

3 February

Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) Conference, BrightonPublic transport2.80
3 to 6 FebruaryReturn rail London to Brighton37.35
3 FebruaryTrain station to hotel7.00
3 FebruaryDinner (self and two colleagues)69.99
5 FebruaryDinner (self and two colleagues)45.10
6 FebruaryTaxi hotel to station6.00
6 FebruaryPublic transport2.80
29 to 31 JanuaryVisit to our Northern Ireland office and department training dayReturn flight Stansted to Belfast46.32
29 JanuaryTaxi airport to hotel34.00
29 JanuaryRefreshments5.65
29 to 30 JanuaryOvernight hotel in Belfast (two nights)132.00
31 JanuaryTaxi airport to home21.50
9 JanuaryVisit to our Scotland officeTaxi home to airport20.00
9 JanuaryFlight London to Edinburgh23.24
9 JanuaryTaxi airport to overnight accommodation21.00
13 JanuaryTram Edinburgh to airport6.00
13 JanuaryFlight Edinburgh to London34.35

Craig Westwood, Director of Communications Policy, and Research

No expenses.

Kieran Rix Director of Finance and Corporate Services

DateOccasionItemCost (£)
26 to 27 MarchMeeting with Finance Committee at Senedd, Cardiff BayReturn rail from London to Cardiff168.30
Taxi from station to hotel8.00
Overnight hotel, Cardiff95.92
27 MarchBreakfast12.00


2018 travel and subsistence

Last updated: 8 October 2019
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