About the Speaker's Committee

The Speaker’s Committee is a committee in the House of Commons, made up of members of parliament (MPs).

It looks at what we do, and makes recommendations and decisions about some areas of our work.

Selecting our commissioners

The Speaker’s Committee is involved in selecting our commissioners. It considers the candidates, and makes recommendations to the House of Commons.

Find out more about how we select our commissioners.

Approving our plans and budgets

After a new UK Parliament is elected we submit a five-year corporate plan to the Speaker’s Committee for approval. Once agreed, it is laid in Parliament. 

For each year of the corporate plan, we submit an annual budget and corporate plan to the Speaker’s Committee. This includes an estimate of our income and spending for the year. 

The Speaker’s Committee reviews these documents and makes any necessary changes before presenting them to the House of Commons for approval.

Our MP

The Speaker nominates an MP to answer questions from other MPs about our work.

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Last updated: 30 July 2020
Next review: 29 May 2020