The work of ensuring compliance with the Standards is coordinated at The Electoral Commission in Wales, with support and input from colleagues and teams across the organisation. In accordance with Standard 152, we have prepared this report to demonstrate our compliance with the Welsh Language Standards during the 2019-20 financial year. This provides a valuable opportunity for us demonstrate our organisational commitment to the Welsh language, and its importance to our work in Wales.

Service delivery, policy making and operational standards

Further details and good practice

Welsh Language Advisory Group

The Welsh Language Advisory Group is a forum to discuss Welsh and Welsh language electoral matters. It aims to ensure that the Welsh language is treated on the basis of equality in matters relating to electoral legislation and guidance, and supports our commitment to Welsh language issues in the wider electoral community. The group consists of electoral registration officers, returning officers, electoral administrators and members of the Welsh Government and the Senedd.    

The group meets two to three times a year. One of the Welsh Language Advisory Group's significant accomplishments has been the creation of the Electoral Glossary. It also works to ensure that Welsh-language electoral services are available and promulgated, including forms and ballot papers.

2019-20 Elections

During the 2019-20 period we provided guidance in Welsh for the unscheduled UKPGE in December 2019; we ensured that relevant information for both voters and electoral administrators was available in Welsh at the same time as the corresponding English-language material. Likewise, we provided guidance and information in Welsh for the May European Parliament Elections in accordance with our obligations.

Terminology and the Electoral Glossary 

In addition to the information on the internal use of Welsh policy, we provide useful Welsh terms and sentences to all members of staff. These terms will encourage staff who do not have Welsh language skills to try and greet people in Welsh and use Welsh on a daily basis. 

As noted above, the Welsh Language Advisory Group has created the ‘Electoral Glossary’, which is a glossary of Welsh electoral terms that can be used by the entire electoral community in Wales. The glossary will ensure that all those involved in managing and running elections can use the same terminology in electoral documents, thereby ensuring consistency across Wales.

Looking forward and next steps

Last updated: 30 September 2020
Next review: 25 September 2020