Overview of what we produce and publish

Our financial year starts 1 April, and ends 31 March the following year.

We make estimates of what we think we’ll spend, then review our spending at the end of the year in a report and a set of accounts.

The Speaker’s Committee approve our estimates, reports and accounts, before the House of Commons adopt them.


Main Supply Estimate

Our Main Supply Estimate, or budget, sets out what we need for the financial year ahead.

We present it to the Speaker’s Committee at the start of the financial year for approval, before it goes to the House of Commons.


Vote on Account

Our Vote on Account sets out what we need during the gap from the end of one financial year, to when Speaker’s Committee approve our Main Supply Estimate.


Supplementary Estimate

We take a Supplementary Estimate to the Speaker’s Committee for approval, if there are changes to the information in our Main Supply Estimate.

We also produce correction slips if we need to make changes to our estimates.

Annual report and accounts

At the end of each financial year, we review our work and publish our annual report and accounts. It includes:

  • a performance report
  • an accountability report
  • our financial statements

The Commission Board and National Audit Office approve our annual report and accounts, before it is laid and published by the House of Commons and Lords.

View our annual report and accounts

Last updated: 5 May 2020
Next review: 29 May 2020