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Previous UK general elections

On this page, you will find:

  • links to detailed results of UK general elections
  • public awareness work we carried about ahead of previous polls
  • UK general election guidance for electoral administrators

Looking for results of elections held on Thursday 7 May?

Results are declared by the Returning Officer for each constituency.

Results of the UK Parliamentary election are available on our electoral data page.

Reporting on UK general elections

Following elections we publish reports on how the elections were run.

Information for voters

We run public awareness campaigns before elections to encourage people to register to vote and to provide more information on the upcoming polls.

For the 2010 general election, our campaign aimed to encourage all eligible people to register to vote in time for the elections. The central theme of the campaign was  ‘Make sure nothing stops you voting’.

View our campaign video for the 2010 general election on Youtube

Information for electoral administrators

Before a UK general election, we produce guidance for those running the election. This guidance includes what to do before the poll, how to verify the count and what to do following the declaration of the result.

Find our most recent UK general election guidance on our UK Parliamentary election page

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