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Northern Ireland

On this page you will find information about the work we do in Northern Ireland.

For information on registering to vote in Northern Ireland visit the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland website.

Change to local government candidate return of spending form

Monday 2 June 

We have noticed that there was an error on the form of return of candidate spending. The explanatory notes to the form and guidance are correct.

We have now published a revised form. If you have already downloaded the previous form, please disregard it and use the current version, which is available below.

Return of candidate spending for the Northern Ireland local government elections (PDF)  

Changes to confidentiality rules on donations and loans in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2013 is currently being debated in the UK Parliament. If it receives Royal Assent it will change the rules on confidentiality of donations and loans to Northern Ireland regulated donees and political parties. For more information please see our factsheet:

Changes to the confidentiality rules on donations and loans to Northern Ireland regulated donees and political parties (PDF)

Guidance for European Parliamentary elections and UK Parliamentary general election

Our guidance for political parties and candidates in Northern Ireland thinking about contesting the European Parliamentary elections in 2014 and/or the UK Parliamentary general election in 2015 is now available, as well as specific guidance for non-party campaigners at the 2014 European Parliamentary elections. 

Our guidance covers the rules on donations, spending limits, and when the rules apply.

View our guidance for political parties

View our guidance for candidates

View our guidance for non-party campaigners 

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Contact details for our Northern Ireland office are available on our contact us page

Northern Ireland