Electoral Commission statement on the technical issues affecting the online voter registration portal on 7 June

Referendum update

It is vital that everyone who wants to participate in this historic referendum is able to.

There was a very significant increase in applications to register to vote yesterday on the Government’s website. However, issues with the government website arose around 10:15pm and were not resolved until after the registration deadline at midnight.

The Government are looking into exactly what happened.

There will be many people who wanted to register to vote last night and were not able to. The registration deadline is set out in legislation and we have said to the Government this morning they should consider options for introducing legislation as soon as possible that would extend the deadline. We would support such a change.

For further information contact the Electoral Commission press office:

Extra notes

Notes to editors

  • The Electoral Commission has no power to direct Electoral Registration Officers to change the registration deadline.
  • Before the problems with the website arose there were more than 525,000 applications to register yesterday.
  • 302k of these applications were from people under 35 (170k for 25 to 34 year olds; 132k for under 25)
  • The total number of applications to register since the launch of the Electoral Commission’s public awareness campaign is 2,178,000.
  • The previous highest number of applications to register to vote was 485k on the deadline for the UK General Election in 2015.