Our priorities for reforming elections

Changing electoral law introduction

Historically, the UK has robust and effective electoral rules. But many of the laws that set out how our elections are run have not been properly updated since the nineteenth century. Many of them are large, complex, and no longer fit for purpose.

This needs to change. We’ve identified four areas where things can be improved. We are working with the UK’s governments, parliaments, and other important groups to make this happen.


We want:

  • an electoral registration system fit for today
  • everyone to be able to vote with confidence, regardless of their access needs
  • electoral law that is easier for everyone to follow
  • everyone to be able to see who is spending money to campaign and influence voters at elections and referendums, regardless of the channels

Improving the health of the UK’s democratic process

Improving the health of the UK’s democratic process

We have made a number of recommendations which if implemented could deliver significant benefits for voters, campaigners, electoral administrators, enforcement bodies and policy makers.

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