Northern Ireland Assembly Parties’ Panel: 7 June 2022

Meeting overview

Date: 7 June 2022

Time: 10:00am

Date of next scheduled meeting: Tuesday 25 October

Who was at the meeting

The Electoral Commission:

  • Dr Katy Radford, Electoral Commissioner for Northern Ireland (KR)
  • Cahir Hughes Head of Electoral Commission, Northern Ireland (CH)
  • Jonathan Mitchell, Manager of Electoral Commission, Northern Ireland (JM) 
  • Roisin McDaid, Senior Office (Political Parties Liaison) (RM)
  • Hannah Greenfield, Digital Comms Officer

Electoral Office for Northern Ireland:

  • Virginia McVea, Chief Electoral Officer (VM)

Political Parties:

  • Alliance Party - Peter McCully (PM)
  • DUP - George Dorrian (GD) and Ashleigh Perry
  • SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)  – Catherine Matthews (CM)
  • Sinn Féin - Gary Fleming (GF)
  • Ulster Unionist Party – Stephen Nichol (SN)


  • Alliance Party of Northern Ireland – Sharon Lowry