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The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK

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Political parties, campaigning & donations

Guidance for political parties and other campaigners

We produce guidance for those we regulate to help them comply with the rules on political funding and spending. If you are a political campaigner please go to our guidance pages for more information on the rules.

Guidance for political parties and other campaigners

This section provides an overview of the different rules that control the financial activities of political parties, candidates and other campaigners at major elections. The rules are designed to:

  • Ensure that the income and spending of campaigners is transparent
  • Control the sources of political funding
  • Limit spending on campaigning at elections and referendums

Our role as regulator

As regulator, we ensure that these rules are followed and work with governments to ensure the rules are workable.

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Financial data that we publish

We publish details of political parties’ and other campaigners’ income and spending on our online database, which include:

  • political parties’ annual accounts
  • donations and loans to political parties and other campaigners
  • campaign spending by political parties and other campaigners
  • a list of registered political parties and other campaigners

Search our online database of political parties' and other campaigners' income and spending

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Political parties, campaigning & donations