Guidance for Candidates and Agents at Greater London Authority elections

Who does what at the GLA election and how to contact them

Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO)

The GLRO has overall responsibility for coordinating the elections across Greater London. The GLRO is a senior officer of the Greater London Authority, independent of the Authority and the Mayor in respect of their electoral functions.

The GLRO is responsible for the nomination process and calculating and declaring the results at the Mayor of London and London-wide Assembly Member polls. The GLRO will also liaise with and coordinate the work of Constituency Returning Officers and has the power to give directions to them relating to the discharge of their functions at the election.

Constituency Returning Officers (CROs)

The Constituency Returning Officers are responsible for all aspects of the administration of the Constituency Assembly Member election, including the nomination of Constituency Assembly Member candidates; and the elements of the Mayor of London and London-wide Member elections that fall within their constituency area, including the conduct of the poll and the counting of votes.

The Constituency Returning Officer will work closely with Returning Officers for the other boroughs within the constituency on operational issues in connection with the election, such as the identification and booking of polling stations, the appointment of staff and the sending out and opening of postal votes. At a GLA election, the other Returning Officers within the constituency are often referred to as 
‘Borough Returning Officers’.

Contacting the GLRO and CROs

The GLRO can be contacted through London Elects.

The names and contact details of the CROs are also available on the London Elects website.

The GLRO and CROs will offer briefings ahead of an election and we strongly encourage you or your agent to attend, even if you have been an agent or stood for election before.

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)

The ERO is responsible for maintaining the register of electors and absent voters’ lists for their local authority area. The ERO is normally a senior officer in the local authority and may also be the Borough Returning Officer. You can find the contact details for your Electoral Registration Officer on our website.

London Elects

London Elects plays a central role in organising Greater London elections. It is made up of expert staff from the Greater London Authority and based at City Hall. The team is accountable directly to the GLRO.

The team oversees the budget for the election, plans and coordinates the overarching logistics, administers the process through which the Mayor of London, London-wide Assembly Members and Constituency Members are nominated, and organises the printing of the ballot papers and the counting of the votes.

London Elects works closely with London’s 32 boroughs and the City of London to deliver the election. It coordinates training, provides support and helps to ensure consistency across London. The boroughs and the City have electoral services teams that support the Constituency and Borough Returning Officers

Another role of London Elects is to make sure the election process is transparent and everyone involved is well informed. That includes educating Londoners about the voting process and the role of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly, helping candidates understand what is required and what is happening, and liaising with the media and communicating the outcome of the election.

Contact London Elects

For any other queries, including advice on standing as 
a candidate, please contact London Elects at:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 7983 4444

The Electoral Commission

We are an independent statutory body established in November 2000 by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. We are currently headed by ten Commissioners, including a Chair. We report directly to the UK Parliament through a committee chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

We are responsible for registering political parties and non-party campaigners, the monitoring and publication of significant donations to registered political parties and the regulation of party and non-party campaigner spending at certain elections. We also have a role in promoting voter awareness. We are required to report on the administration of certain electoral events, to keep electoral matters under review and, if requested, must review and report on any electoral matter. We also accredit observers to be present at election proceedings.

We do not run elections but have responsibility for providing advice and assistance on electoral matters to all those involved in elections, including Returning Officers, Electoral Registration Officers, political parties and candidates.

Contacting us

If your question is about spending or donations, please contact us at:

Email:  [email protected]
Tel:  0333 103 1928

Last updated: 1 February 2024