Rules controlling the financial activities of political parties

There are rules that control the financial activities of political parties and other campaigners at major elections and referendums. We ensure that these rules are followed and provide guidance to help those we regulate to comply with the rules.


    Update on COVID-19 and financial returns

    We, like many others, are trying to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our staff, our work, and how we can be contacted for advice and delivering financial returns. 

    Contacting us

    We will only arrange meetings by exception, but we can continue to support you in other ways. Please contact us by email where possible. Our advice service is open.

    Delivery of financial returns

    Please deliver your financial returns online. We can, if necessary, accept post. Do not hand deliver your return. We can’t guarantee that any of our offices will be open to accept it.

    Let us know if you think that COVID-19 will affect you delivering any return on time. Deadlines for returns are set out in law. We can’t change them. If we know that COVID-19 is affecting you getting your return in, we can support you and take the circumstances into account. If we don’t know, all we will see is a missed deadline.


    We currently cannot guarantee that we can process cheques in a timely way. Wherever possible, payments should be made through online banking.

    Guidance for candidates and agents

    This area of the site provides guidance for: 

    If you are a candidate standing for election please visit our area of the website for candidates and agents.

    If you are another regulated individual or organisation (such as a holder of a relevant elected office, unincorporated association or members association) please view the overview of rules on donations and loans to other individuals and organisations.