Non-party campaigners: UK Parliamentary general elections

Joint campaigning

Non-party campaigners may decide to work together on a campaign. Where the non-party campaigners work together on regulated campaign activity, the rules on joint campaigning may apply.

The rules on joint campaigning apply to registered and un-registered non-party campaigners.1

Joint campaigning

There are specific laws that apply when you want to work with another non-party campaigner as part of a joint campaign. When you spend money as part of a joint campaign, that spending may count towards the limits for each campaigner involved. This is to stop people getting around the spending limits by coordinating several campaigns at the same time.

You may choose to work with one or more campaigners on a joint campaign, perhaps in order to make the overall campaign more effective. 

The law sets out spending limits and reporting arrangements that apply if you or a campaigner that you are working with spends money on regulated campaign activity as part of a coordinated plan or arrangement. We call these the ‘joint campaign’ rules.

This section sets out the principles of joint campaigning, how these campaigns can be structured and how spending on joint campaigns should be accounted for and reported.

Last updated: 19 December 2023