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Election notices of alteration

Election notices of alteration 

Interim election notices of alteration apply only to the specific register(s) for an election. These interim election notices add or remove entries on the electoral register for addresses in the electoral area affected by an election.

For example, for a local government election taking place in only part of a registration area, the notices will only give effect to determinations made by the required deadlines for the election in that area, and will only apply those changes to, in this case, the local government register.

Determinations relating to the parliamentary register, or those outside the area affected by the election, will only take effect on the next monthly notice of alteration or on a publication of the revised register, whichever is sooner.

There is a requirement to publish three interim election notices of alteration when an election takes place:1

  • the first interim election notice on the last day on which nomination papers may be delivered to the Returning Officer
  • the second interim election notice on a date determined by you, this must be after the publication of the first notice and before the publication of the final election notice 
  • the final interim election notice of alteration on the fifth working day before the day of the poll2  

The deadline for anyone to make an application in time to appear on the final interim election notice of alteration is midnight, 12 working days before the poll.3

The only exceptions to this are anonymous registration applications, which can be received up to six working days before the poll, as they are not subject to the five-day objection period.

You will need to have arrangements in place so that you know whether or not an application has arrived by the deadline.

The following table sets out the timetable for applications and determinations to be made in time for inclusion on the final election notice of alteration:4

Timetable for applications and determinations
Determination deadline; deletions deadline; deadline for receipt and determination of anonymous registration applications The working day before publication
Deadline for receipt of applications (new applications and amendments to existing entries)  Six working days before the determination deadline
Publication date of final notice of alteration  Fifth working day before the poll

You must provide updates to those who are entitled by law to receive them.5 This includes candidates and agents who will require them as quickly as possible, so you should ensure these are provided promptly.

For more information on access to and supply see our guidance on supplying copies of the full register.

Last updated: 11 August 2021