Running electoral registration - England

Renewal process for an anonymous registration

Renewal process for an anonymous registration

An anonymous elector is entitled to remain registered, provided the elector continues to satisfy the other conditions for registration during this period, until the end of the 12 month period beginning with the date when their entry first takes effect. 

You will need to maintain a record showing when reminders are due to be sent. 

You must send a reminder between 9 and 10 months after the date of the first registration (and each anniversary). The reminder must explain that a fresh application for anonymous registration must be made if the elector wants to remain registered anonymously.1  

Any renewal application must contain the same level of evidence as the original application. Applicants should therefore be advised to keep a copy of attestations or copies of court documents for subsequent applications. You should offer to copy any originals so that they can be returned and the copy kept for reference. If the elector loses their supporting documents, provided you have the appropriate safeguards in place, you could supply a copy of any document or attestation which is still in force to assist with any renewal.

Anonymous entries can be subject to the review procedures. Further consideration of the review process is contained in reviews, objections and deletions. The name and address of the person is not entered on the list of persons under review. 

Last updated: 15 October 2020