Running electoral registration - England

What resources are needed to deliver your registration plan

What resources are needed to deliver your registration plan?

You will need to identify what work you need to do to engage with residents, and consequently, what resources you will need to do this. Keeping your plan and activity under review will enable you to understand whether your local challenges are being met and enable you to target your resources where they are most needed.

Key departments and individuals you will need to involve, may include:

  • the local authority’s IT department 
  • the local authority’s finance team
  • data holders
  • the data protection officer at the local authority
  • the local authority’s call centre / reception manager
  • the communications / media manager at the local authority (if there is one)
  • the local authority’s HR manager
  • representatives of local authority teams/individuals and local organisations who work with under-registered groups in your area, such as local education departments

Your plan should cover how you will be engage these departments/individuals and how often you will meet with them. Consider:

  • whether you should personally chair the group
  • who should be involved
  • what the terms of reference will be
  • how actions will be recorded and taken forward
Last updated: 6 October 2020