Running electoral registration - Scotland

What is the relevant date?

What is the relevant date?

You must determine applications for registration based on whether an applicant meets the requirements for registration and whether or not they are disqualified from registration on the relevant date.1 The relevant date varies depending on the way the application is made:

  • for an application on a paper form it is the day the application is made,2 i.e. when the form including all the required information is completed by the applicant 
  • for online applications it is the date the IER Digital Service records the application as being made, the electronic date stamp will be included on the information sent to you
  • for telephone and in-person applications (which are allowed at your discretion) it is the time that all the information required for the application has been recorded and the applicant has declared the truth of the information

Regardless of the relevant date on a paper application, you must have received the application to register form by the appropriate deadline for it to be determined and included in the next update to the register. 

Last updated: 16 September 2020