Listing applications and objections

You are required to maintain three separate lists for:1

  • applications received 
  • any objections made prior to the person being added to the register
  • any objections made after the person has been added to the register

As soon as any application or objection is received, the appropriate details must be recorded as follows: 

  • details of the application (the name and nationality of the applicant, and the address given as their qualifying address) must be entered in the list of applications2  
  • details of the objection (the name and qualifying address of the objector, plus details of the application (as above) or register entry) must be entered in the relevant list of objections3  
  • where an objection is received before a person has been entered on the register, the particulars of the objection must be entered in the list of applications4  

Applications made by a person under 16 years of age must not be entered in the list of applications available for public inspection5 .

Applications to register anonymously are not subject to objections and are therefore not included on any of these lists. 

The lists of applications and objections are open for inspection until determined, i.e. until you have made the final decision as to whether an entry or alteration to the register is required.6 These lists are usually produced by software packages or, alternatively, they could be handwritten or typed manually.

Last updated: 27 May 2021