Running electoral registration - Scotland

What is the civil penalty process if someone fails to make an application to register to vote?

You may impose a civil penalty on individuals who were issued a requirement to register but who failed to make an application to register by the date you stated in the requirement to register notice.1  

You should have a process in place for issuing civil penalties. This should include how you will:

  • make the arrangements for collecting any money 
  • account for any money collected
  • ensure any that any money collected is returned to the The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to be paid into the Consolidated Fund

You may want to seek advice on carrying out the civil penalty process and collecting penalties from other departments within the council who have experience of undertaking similar processes, including the council’s legal department.

If you decide to impose a civil penalty on an individual, you must give a civil penalty notice informing them that a penalty has been imposed and specifying the reasons for it.2  

A civil penalty for failing to respond to a requirement to register cannot be imposed on any individual under 16 years old, and the ITR makes clear that the civil penalty does not apply to such individual.3

Last updated: 10 March 2022