Running electoral registration - Scotland

What information is required where there is a difference of name provided on an application or documentary evidence?

Where an applicant’s declaration states that their name has changed since they were they previously registered or previously resident, you may require that they provide:

  • appropriate evidence that confirms the difference of name1
  • where an applicant has provided a document as evidence that they meet the previously registered or previously resident condition2 and the name on the evidence is different from the name they provided on their declaration, an explanation as to the difference in name3
  • appropriate evidence that confirms the name change4  

Where an applicant was too young to be registered before they left the UK and have provided a document as evidence5 and their parent or guardian’s name on the document is different from the one stated in the application or declaration, you may require they provide either:

  • an explanation as to the difference in name6
  • a statement that the reason for the difference is not known
Last updated: 13 December 2023