Recall petitions by numbers: Peterborough

Running the petition

Notification of petitionTuesday 5 March
Petition openTuesday 19 March-Wednesday 1 May
Number of signing places (maximum of 10)10
Extended hours (outside 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday)Open from 7am on Tuesdays; closed 10pm on Thursdays
CountTook place immediately after signing places closed at 5pm

Signing the petition

For a recall petition to result in an MP being recalled, over 10% of people eligible to sign must do so within the six-week signing period. We can see from petition data that the majority of those who signed did so within the first two weeks of the petition opening.

How many people were eligible to sign69,673
How many signatures needed to recall MP6,967
Number who signed19,261 - this was 28% of people eligible to sign
Spoilt signing papers62

We can also see from this data how people chose to sign the petition.

How people chose to sign the petition


People or organisations wishing to campaign for or against the recall petition and intending to spend over £500 were required to notify the PO that they wished to be a registered campaigner. There were five registered campaigners in Peterborough. Only three of these have submitted donation and spending returns.

Spending and donation returns
Last updated: 10 October 2019
Next review: 8 October 2020