Electoral fraud in 2019

The UK has low levels of proven electoral fraud.

There remains no evidence of large-scale electoral fraud in 2019.


595 cases of alleged electoral fraud were investigated by the police. Of these, four led to a conviction and two individuals were given a police caution.

This table shows the number of cases of alleged fraud the police reported to us, for each election held in 2019.

Election Number of cases
Local elections 362
UK Parliamentary general election 164
European Parliamentary election 21
Non-election specific (for example, electoral registration) 21
Local by-election 12
UK Parliamentary by-election 7
Mayoral election 6
Combined authority mayoral election 1
Police and Crime Commissioner by-election 1

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Outcome Number of cases Percentage of total
No further action 382 64%
Locally resolved 200 33.6%
Court proceedings initiated 3 0.5%
Caution 2 0.2%
Conviction 4 0.5%
Other 4 0.3%

More than half of all cases resulted in the police taking no further action. This means that the cases were not investigated further by the police because there was no evidence (or there wasn’t enough evidence), or no offence was found.

Number of cases, and the types of offences, investigated in 2019

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The pie chart shows the number of cases, and types of offences that were investigated in 2019

Category Number of cases Percentage of total
Campaigning 320 54%
Voting 142 24%
Nomination 71 12%
Registration 58 10%
Administration 4 1%

Accessible information

Use this table to search for data from specific police forces, by category of offence or outcome.

Please contact us if you require the allegations data by police force in an accessible format.

Types of electoral fraud reported since 2010

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Last updated: 31 March 2021
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