Date: Tuesday 17 October 2023

Location: Bunhill Row, London, and by Video conference

Date of next scheduled board meeting: Tuesday 28 November

Who was at the meeting

John Pullinger, Chair
Rob Vincent
Alex Attwood
Sarah Chambers
Roseanna Cunningham
Chris Ruane
Katy Radford
Sue Bruce
Stephen Gilbert

In attendance:    
Shaun McNally, Chief Executive
Craig Westwood, Director, Communications, Policy and Research
Louise Edwards, Director, Regulation and Digital Transformation 
Ailsa Irvine, Director, Electoral Administration and Guidance
David Moran, Interim Director, Finance
Binnie Goh, General Counsel and Board Secretary 
Phil Thompson, Head of Research [item 8]
Tom Hawthorn, Head of Policy [items 10 and 11]
Bola Raji, Head of Planning & Performance [item 9]
Charlene Hannon, Head of Guidance [item 11]
Mel Davidson, Head of Support and Improvement [item 11]
Suzanne Miller, Senior Adviser, Policy [items 10 and 11]
Mark Williams, Senior Adviser, Policy [items 10 and 11]