Improving our website

Survey closed

The survey has now closed. Thank you for completing it.

We’re always looking for ways to make our website better, so that it’s easier for you to find and understand the information you need.

We’re currently working on improving the structure, navigation and menu of our website. Our data shows that it’s not always easy to find certain information, and we know this can be confusing and sometimes frustrating.

We’re keen for real life website users to help us, and we’d like you to complete a short survey, so we can make positive improvements to the structure and navigation of the site. 

There are 10 quick tasks, and it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete them all. Basically, we’ll ask you where you’d expect to find certain bits of information on our site, and you’ll be asked to choose from a list of options. There are no right or wrong answers, and what you select will help to show us what works and what we still need to think about.

You won’t be asked for any personal details, and there’s just one question about how you would describe yourself (if you’re a member of the public or if you’re an electoral administrator, for example). It’s a one off, and we won’t contact you to complete any more studies or surveys just because you completed this one. 

This survey is just the beginning for us, and the results will inform the next stage of our work.

We really appreciate your feedback, and thanks for your time.