Code of Conduct for Campaigners at UK Parliamentary general elections in Great Britain, local elections in England and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Campaigning outside polling places

Campaigners should be allowed to put their messages to voters on polling day, including in public spaces outside polling places.  

Polling station staff and police officers should not seek to discourage or remove campaigners who are otherwise peacefully communicating with voters, as long as they are not within or impeding access to the grounds of the polling place. You should be careful, however, to ensure that your approach is proportionate and should recognise that groups of supporters may be perceived as intimidating by voters.

Access to polling places

Campaigners should keep access to polling places and the pavements around polling places clear to allow voters to enter.  

The Presiding Officer is responsible for maintaining order in the polling place, and you may be asked to move by polling station staff or police officers if you are impeding access by voters to a polling place. 

Last updated: 21 December 2023