Delivering the annual canvass - England

What plans should I put in place to evaluate the success of canvass activities?

Your project plan should also detail how you will monitor the effectiveness of the decisions you make and the activities you undertake to enable you to evaluate the impact of your actions. This should help you to refine your approach for the current canvass, wherever possible, and should also inform your plans for future canvasses. 

The performance standards for EROs, and the tools and templates available to support them, will assist you in understanding the impact of your activities, help identify where improvements can be made and support you to report on your own performance locally.

You should use the data and qualitative information set out in the standards to help understand the impact of your activities to identify what works and what doesn’t and where improvements can be made. The framework is designed to support this analysis and focuses on the key data and information that will indicate what is working well and what is not working so well.

The standards, and the supporting tools and templates, should also help you to demonstrate locally – whether within your local authority, to elected members, or more broadly – how the activities you are carrying out contribute to the provision of an efficient and effective electoral registration service and, ultimately, will help to ensure that everyone who is eligible and wants to vote is able to do so.

Last updated: 20 April 2020