Election pacts

This guidance is for candidates and parties who are entering an election pact and want information about how the rules work when they do this. 

An election pact is where a party or candidate reaches an agreement not to stand as a candidate in a seat, in order to give another party or candidate a better chance of winning the seat.

There is nothing wrong with candidates or parties reaching this kind of agreement, any arrangement is a matter for them. The aim of this guidance is to ensure that any spending and donations is properly reported. 

Election pacts are not defined in electoral law but we recognise they are becoming more common. 

The application of the rules in this area is complex and will vary according to the facts. If you are entering an election pact, please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

This guidance does not cover non-party campaigners who are not political parties and who are working together or parties and candidates who are working with established non-party campaigners. For more on how this works see our guidance for non-party campaigners