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Political party spending at previous elections

Parties have to report the details of what they spend on their campaigns after major elections. We publish details of these campaign spending returns on our online database to ensure transparency in the spending of parties. This page provides an analysis of the data, including:

  • spending by category and election
  • spending by party and election

This page includes spending promoting candidates on a party list at European Parliamentary, Scottish Parliamentary and National Assembly for Wales general elections.

This page does not include the details of spending by individual or constituency candidates at elections. Constituency candidates have to report spending on their election campaigns separately to an official in their relevant local authority (this is often called a "Returning Officer").

We publish headline figures on constituency candidate spending and donations on our website.

Find out more about the rules on spending by political parties at elections

Find out more about the rules on spending by candidates at elections

Chart 1: Spending by category and election

Figures are changed if political parties submit a correction to their spending return.

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Chart 2: Spending by party and election

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Chart 3: Spending breakdown

Political parties, campaigning and donations