Campaign spending: Political parties and non-party campaigners

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Before elections and referendums, there is a regulated period for the campaign that puts a limit on spending. These limits apply to candidates, political parties and non-party campaigners.

Spending limits vary for different elections.

Lead campaign group

Registered campaigners in a referendum can apply to become the lead campaign group for one side of the debate. This is also known as being the designated organisation.

Lead campaign groups:

  • have a higher spending limit than other registered campaigners
  • get funding to send information to voters
  • can be involved in referendum campaign broadcasts
  • can use certain public rooms for free
  • receive a grant from us

Campaign spending at past elections and referendums

You can view spending at past elections and referendums on Political Finance Online, so you can see what political parties, campaigners and other groups are doing. 

Spending breakdown