Guidance for (Acting) Returning Officers administering a UK Parliamentary election in Great Britain

Forms for nomination

A candidate is deemed to be validly nominated if you have received a deposit of £500 and the following completed forms by the close of nominations (4pm on the 19th working day before the poll for a UK Parliamentary general election or by 4pm on the date fixed by you1 for a UK Parliamentary by-election):2  

  • the nomination form (as prescribed)
  • a home address form
  • a consent to nomination

Political party candidates

If a candidate wishes to stand on behalf of a registered political party then, in addition to the above they must also submit a certificate of authorisation, authorising the use of the party name on the ballot paper (as prescribed), and may also include a written request to use one of the party’s registered emblems if they choose.3  

The party name or description authorised by the certificate must match the party name or description given on the nomination form or the whole nomination will be invalid.4

The party must be registered on the Commission’s register of political parties at and be listed as allowed to field candidates in the part of the UK that they are standing in. 

Production of nomination papers

Nomination papers can only be produced in English or, in Wales, in English and/or Welsh, and not in any alternative languages or formats.5 However, you are required by law to prepare nomination papers for signature if someone requests.6 This means providing all of the documents required for nomination and completing them with all of the information given to you so that only the required signatures need to be added.

We have produced a set of nomination papers, which includes all of these forms that you can provide to candidates. 

Candidates do not have to use the nomination form that you have produced and supplied, as long as their nomination form is as prescribed. 

Last updated: 28 March 2024