Guidance for Candidates and Agents at local government elections in England

How do you return a donation?

If you know who the donor is, you must return the equivalent sum to them within 30 days of receiving the donation.1

If the donation is from an unidentified source (for example, an anonymous £100 cash donation), you must return the equivalent sum within 30 days of receiving the donation to:

  • the person who transferred the donation to you, or
  • the financial institution used to transfer the donation2

If you cannot identify either, please contact us as you must send the equivalent sum to the Electoral Commission. We will pay it into the Consolidated Fund, which is managed by HM Treasury.3  Please contact us to arrange for the transfer of these funds so we can provide you with our bank details.

If any interest has been gained on the donation before you return it, you can keep it. This is not treated as a donation, and it does not need to be reported.4

Last updated: 29 November 2023