Guidance for Candidates and Agents at local government elections in England

When do you receive and accept a donation?

You usually ‘receive’ a donation on the day you take possession of it.

For example:

  • if you are given free leaflets, you receive the donation when the leaflets are handed over to you
  • if you are given a cheque, you receive the donation on the date that the cheque clears
  • if a donation is transferred directly into your bank account, you receive the donation on the date that it is received into your account.

If the candidate has received a donation, both the donation and any supporting information regarding the identity and permissibility of the donor must be provided to the election agent if one is appointed.1  Under the law, in these circumstances a donation is treated as if it were received by the agent on the day it was first received by the candidate.2  Candidates must therefore provide donations and any supporting information to their agent as soon as practicable.

When do you accept a donation?

You accept a donation on the day you agree to keep the donation. For non-monetary donations, if you use the donation, you have thereby accepted it.

If you keep a donation after the 30-day period, you are also deemed to have accepted it.3

Last updated: 29 November 2023