Publishing the petition register

You must publish the petition register three working days before the start of the six week signing period.1 This is the cut-off day for including alterations to the register which take effect for the petition, as notified to you by the ERO.

Further alterations to the register due to a court order or to correct a clerical error may then be made before the end of the signing period, as given on the notice of petition. You must publish a notice detailing any such alterations to the register.2  

You must supply the petition register and any notices of alteration free of charge on request to:3  

  • a registered party (except minor parties)
  • the MP to whom the petition relates
  • the Electoral Commission
  • security services and the police
  • an accredited campaigner

The usual restrictions on the use of the electoral register apply. Our guidance for EROs in England, Wales and Scotland has further information on the use of the electoral register.

Last updated: 13 September 2023