Identity marks on ballot papers

“Identity Marks” are how we refer collectively to your party name, descriptions and emblems. These are how a party may be identified on a ballot paper at elections. Some identity marks are mandatory whilst others are optional. 

You must register a party name. This is a mandatory identity mark.

You may register up to three emblems and 12 descriptions. These are optional identity marks.

You do not need to register any party identity marks that you intend to use on campaign materials, unless you also intend to use them on a ballot paper.

There are certain statutory tests and requirements which identity marks must meet in order to be registered. We will assess your application to register identify marks against these tests. 

From time to time, the Commission will also carry out reviews of identity marks on our registers. This is part of our duty to ensure we are maintaining the register of political parties. 

You can apply to change your party name, descriptions, and emblems and add joint descriptions at a later date if you wish for an additional non-refundable fee of £25 per application.

Last updated: 24 November 2022