Joint party descriptions

Two or more registered political parties can choose to share a party description which can then be used on a ballot paper. This is called a ‘joint description’ and can be used by all the parties that have registered one with other parties.

There are certain rules regarding the registration of joint descriptions. These are that:

  • you can only share and jointly register one joint description per group of parties - however, you may register a joint description with more than one group of parties
  • the wording of the joint description must identify all of the applicant parties to be capable of being a joint description
  • joint descriptions do not count towards the maximum of 12 descriptions that you can register with us - this means you can register up to 12 descriptions, in addition to joint descriptions

When using a joint description the candidate will need to choose which of the party emblems that they wish to use on ballot papers.

You cannot register a joint emblem and instead can only use an emblem registered to any of the parties who have registered the joint description.

If you are thinking of registering a joint description, please contact us for advice in the first instance.

Last updated: 24 November 2022