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Media Handbook: Local government elections in England 2019

Contacts and links

Media contacts

Electoral Commission press office

Hannah Law and Billy Proudlock

Tel: 020 7271 0704

Out of office hours: 07789 920 414


Our corporate website has a dedicated section for journalists featuring our press releases and statements. It has information on political party donations in the run-up to the election and has a guidance section with information for candidates and those administering the election.

This website provides information for the public on how to register and vote, including forms they can print off to register and apply to vote by post or proxy. It has a postcode search facility allowing people to find contact details for their local electoral registration office as well as polling station and candidate details.

This website is where the public can register to vote online. It is quick and easy to use. Since its launch in June 2014, millions of applications to register to vote have been submitted. We encourage referring to this site in media coverage about the election to ensure members of the public know where they can register.