Guidance: other regulated individuals and organisations

Donations and loans to other individuals and organisations

There are rules on who can make donations and loans to some people and organisations engaged in political activities. The individuals and groups that we regulate are:

  • Holders of some elective offices:
    • Members of the UK Parliament
    • Members of the European Parliament representing the UK
    • Members of the Scottish Parliament
    • Members of the National Assembly for Wales
    • Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly
    • Members of any local authority in the UK (excluding parish or community councils), including the London Assembly
    • Mayor of London and any other elected Mayor
  • Members of political parties
  • Groups of party members (also known as members associations)

These people and organisations have to report donations and loans above a certain value to us and we publish details of those reports.

Members of the House of Commons do not have to report most donations and loans to us, but must report them to the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.


Update on COVID-19 and financial returns

The UK Government has postponed May 2020 elections. This means:

  • there is no requirement for any financial reporting by parties, candidates or other campaigners
  • any spending already incurred is not reportable
  • spending will not be reimbursed

We, like many others, are trying to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our staff, and our work. We are putting in place temporary arrangements over the next few months.

Contacting us

We will only arrange meetings by exception, but we can continue to support you in other ways. Please contact us by email where possible. Our advice service is open, but we may have reduced capacity at times.

Delivery of financial returns

Please deliver your financial returns online. We can, if necessary, accept post. Do not hand deliver your return. We can’t guarantee that any of our offices will be open to accept it.

Let us know if you think that COVID-19 will affect you delivering any return on time. Deadlines for returns are set out in law. We can’t change them. If we know that COVID-19 is affecting you getting your return in, we can support you and take the circumstances into account. If we don’t know, all we will see is a missed deadline.

Guidance for other individuals and organisations we regulate

We provide guidance for the individuals and organisations that we regulate to help them to comply with the rules. Please visit our guidance pages to find out more about the specific rules:

Changes to the law

The UK government has changed the law on who can donate or lend money to UK registered political parties. From 31 December 2020, donations and loans can no longer be accepted from:

  • companies incorporated in another EU member state
  • individuals and organisations based in Gibraltar

There is an exception for parties on the Northern Ireland register, and regulated donees in Northern Ireland. The laws has not changed for them on accepting donations and loans from individuals and organisations based in the Republic of Ireland.

It remains possible for the UK government to defer, revoke or change these new laws. Party treasurers and regulated donees must make sure that they know the up to date position before accepting donations or loans that might be affected. We will update our website as soon as we know more.

Latest updates

Changes to the confidentiality rules on donations and loans to Northern Ireland political parties and regulated donees from 1 July 2017


The Transparency of Donations and Loans etc. (Northern Ireland Political Parties) Order 2018 was made on 7 March 2018.It changes the rules on the confidentiality of donations and loans to Northern Ireland political parties and regulated donees (members of registered political parties, members associations, and holders of relevant elective office such as MPs, MEPs, MLAs and councillors).

Find out more on the changes to the law in our factsheet (PDF)

Our guidance has been updated, and we will be publishing revised versions of the donations returns and loans reports forms to reflect the changes to the legislation.