Independent adviser on equality, diversity and inclusion appointed to Commission Board


The Electoral Commission has appointed to its Board a new independent adviser on equality, diversity and inclusion. Sal Naseem joined the Board from 7 September to provide expertise and advice on equality, diversity and inclusion and to support the Board as it works towards greater engagement with diverse groups which represent voters across the UK.

John Pullinger CB, Chair, said of the appointment:

“Democracy thrives on openness and accessibility. Our electoral processes should be open and accessible for all those entitled to vote, for those who choose to stand for election, and those who campaign on their behalf.

“The Commission has a vital role in maintaining public confidence in our democratic processes. In order to maintain that confidence, our organisation needs to reflect the diversity of voters across the UK so that we better understand their experience. That’s why we want to embed the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in the way we work across the Commission.”

Alongside his role at the Commission, Sal is also the Regional Director for London at the Independent Office for Police Conduct, where he leads the organisation’s work on discrimination. Sal has worked in the regulatory sector for 12 years and held leadership positions at bodies including Ofqual, the Legal Ombudsman and the Audit Commission.

Sal Naseem, Independent Adviser to the Board, said:

“Equality, diversity and inclusion sit at the heart of democracy. I am thrilled to start in my new role and committed to supporting the Board as it works to fulfil its vision for a diverse Commission serving a diverse democracy.”