Statement on the Intelligence and Security Committee's report on Russia

Quote from the Commission

Commenting on the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament’s report on Russia, an Electoral Commission spokesperson said:

“Voters deserve to know that elections in the UK are always free and fair and that the necessary rules are in place to safeguard them from unlawful influence.

“We have drawn the attention of successive governments to the risks of foreign interference and have made recommendations to further safeguard the UK’s electoral system. Several parliamentary select committees have also recommended that the rules be strengthened to prevent foreign interference in our democracy.

“To safeguard the UK’s elections from foreign interference, the Commission continues to recommend that voters be given greater transparency over who is trying to influence them online by requiring all digital campaign materials to include an imprint; that approaches for enhanced due diligence and risk assessment should be adapted from money laundering regulations; and that rules should be introduced to ensure campaigners cannot accept money from companies that have not made enough money in the UK to fund their donation or loan.

“As the independent body responsible for overseeing free and fair elections, we will continue to work closely with the UK’s governments to protect the integrity of the UK as a world leading democracy.” 


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