Consultation: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

What we're consulting on

We’re consulting on our draft Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and our new Equality Impact Assessment documents.

We want to make sure that our strategy demonstrates our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and that it clearly shows the actions we are going to take to meet our obligations and aspirations.

Download the documents

Download the Equality Impact Assessment documentation:


Action plan

Action When we will do it Measure of success Who is responsible
Continue to improve our research data to enhance our evidence base, ensuring we carry out screening and if appropriate an EIA for research proposals Ongoing Evidence base gives us clear data to support our aims for equality, diversity and inclusion Head of Research
Continue to ensure that campaigns to raise public awareness about the electoral system are inclusive and take account of different groups Ongoing; to form part of each campaign Our messages feature in targeted media; good response from targeted groups Head of Campaigns
Continue to ensure that our guidance is available in a variety of formats  Ongoing Our stakeholders are supported with compliance Head of Regulatory Support
Take further steps to ensure our website and our publications are as accessible as possible  Ongoing: our website already meets best practice AA standards  Best practice maintained and enhanced through regular testing and feedback Head of Digital Communications
Build on the success of the partnership work we have already done in ensuring we continue to identify the needs of diverse groups and respond to them Continue initiatives to identify groups less likely to vote and work to find ways to respond to their needs Good levels of awareness from specific groups Head of Campaigns working with the Commission’s offices in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Action When we will do it Measure of success Who is responsible
Ensure that the guidance, support and challenge we provide for Electoral Registration Officers  supports them to encourage  registration from typically under-registered groups in their areas (based on their demographics Ongoing: we have laid the new Standards before Parliament We provide the right guidance and support to EROs and quality assure that we have done so Head of Guidance, Head of Support and Improvement, Heads of Electoral Commission in Wales and Scotland
Ensure that our guidance, support and challenge to Returning Officers promote the provision of equality of access and experience for all at the polls Ongoing: we constantly update and improve our guidance We provide the right guidance and support to ROs Head of Guidance; Head of Support and Improvement, Heads of Electoral Commission in Wales and Scotland
Introduce new processes for carrying out and reviewing Equality Impact Assessments New EIA process rolled out by the end of 2021 Enhanced ability to assess the impact of proposed changes on equalities Head of Planning and Performance; all staff responsible for areas where screening and if necessary a full EIA may be required
Ensure that the Commission’s procurement strategy includes clear EDI outcomes for contractors, and that effective monitoring of these contractors is done to ensure they comply Ongoing Contractors have equalities policies in place Financial Controller
Ensure through our Quality Assurance initiative that equality is embedded as appropriate in all our processes Ongoing All processes pay due regard to equalities Head of Projects and all managers
Continue to keep our internal regulatory procedures under review for best practice and to ensure that consistency, fairness and quality underpin all our regulatory activities Ongoing Decisions seen to be made transparently and fairly in a way which treats all stakeholders equally Head of Registration and Reporting; Head of Monitoring and Enforcement
Ensure that equality is included as appropriate in our policies including our Enforcement Policy as they are reviewed in line with our normal cycle Ongoing All policies pay due regard to equalities All Heads responsible for organisational policies
Implement a Welsh Language Action Plan to enhance our service to Welsh speakers, building on the appointment of a permanent senior adviser on Welsh language and a permanent translator   All parts of the organisation are aware of and meet the Welsh language standards Head of Electoral Commission in Wales; all Heads


Action When we will do it Measure of success Who is responsible
Meet the commitments and actions stated in our people strategy Ongoing Progress demonstrated (update report to each RemCo) Head of HR and others
We will continue using anonymous recruiting for employed roles (our e-recruitment system does not share name or other demographic info with recruiting) Ongoing The diversity of whom we recruit Head of HR and all recruiting managers
We will consider the design of our roles including through the lens of being open to all Ongoing The diversity of whom we recruit Recruiting managers (with support from HR)
We will tender for an e-recruitment system that meets our data needs 31 December 2021 Diversity data reports on job applicants for employed roles HR Team
We will aim to create an environment where all staff can be themselves at work Ongoing Positive findings in all staff surveys and feedback from staff groups Work led by Anti Bullying champion
Updated Dignity at Work policy for 2021/22 By 2022 Updated policy reflecting Commission needs and priorities HR, DARE, EDI Group, Anti Bullying champion, PCS
We will work to deliver on our commitment to ‘Zero Tolerance’ of bullying and harassment. Ongoing with annual review Levels of bullying and harassment experienced and witnessed fall Anti-Bullying Champion working with Dignity and Respect Group; all managers and colleagues
We will build on the learnings from relevant impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic 2020/21 – including hybrid ways of working, dependence on electronic communication; virtual leadership – to help us shape a new and inclusive workplace culture Ongoing as the pandemic recedes Continued balance of high staff engagement with delivery of business All managers and staff
We will work through our Race at Work Champion and our Race at Work Taskforce to give effect to our Race at Work Charter Ongoing Actions agreed with Task Force and carried through according to plan Race at Work Champion working with the Task Force
We will work with and support a new permanent EDI Lead for the Commission Summer 2021 EDI lead delivers against agreed outcomes Head of Planning and Performance
We will continue to seek views and promote EDI through our EDI group Ongoing EDI considered in Commission decisions and processes All Heads
Through continuing to provide induction to employees and workers, we will let them know of the EDI agenda and priorities  Ongoing All new employees, temporary or permanent, understand the Commission’s expectations on EDI HR, SLG and recruiting managers
We will continue to discuss the results of all staff surveys and seek feedback both through teams and through the Commission’s groupings such as the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group, the Staff Engagement Group and with PCS After each full all staff survey Staff feel confident to speak up and share views to enhance the all staff survey process Head of HR working with relevant groups
We will encourage employees to self-declare their diversity in our HR system to improve our organisational EDI data  Spring 2021 Levels of self-declaration rise Head of HR
We will continue to track the diversity of applicants and of leavers Ongoing Levels of diversity rise HR and managers

Action When we will do it Measure of success Who is responsible
We will draw up and implement a strategy for internal communications to make sure all staff are aware of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion By the end of 2021 All staff aware of Strategy and their responsibilities under it EDI lead working with Head of Internal Communications