Case study 1: 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid

A charity had been campaigning on aid for some years, with the aim that all political parties would commit to upholding the policy of spending 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid. Shortly after the election was called, Theresa May announced that the Conservative Party would maintain their commitment to the policy. 

The charity put out a line welcoming the Prime Minister’s announcement, which went out on social media channels and via press release.

The charity then wrote to their supporters, asking them to add their name to a letter that the charity then sent to all candidates standing in those supporters’ constituencies. The letter called for the candidates to ensure that support for aid appeared in their party manifesto. To save resources, the charity focused on what it decided were priority constituencies: about a fifth of all constituencies, selected according to the incumbent's influence on the party manifesto and to achieve a balance of parties and regions of the UK.

Last updated: 23 September 2019