Non-party campaigners: UK Parliamentary general elections

Transport in connection with publicising your campaign

Transport costs will be considered regulated campaign activity if you transport people in order to publicise a campaign that meets the purpose test. For example, you may have a campaign bus that you use as part of your campaign.

Sometimes spending on transport may instead fall within another category of regulated campaign activity. For example, if you hire a van and place advertisements on the van, this may count as election material, or if you hire a minibus to take your supporters to a public rally, the transport costs may need to be counted as part of the costs of holding the public rally.

Regulated campaign activity does not include reasonable personal expenses incurred by an individual in travelling or providing for the individual’s personal needs.

From the Code of Practice

Transport of volunteers or campaigners

It includes the cost of transporting: 

  • volunteers
  • members, including staff members
  • others campaigning on behalf of the non-party campaigner

around an electoral area, or to and from an electoral area, including the cost of:

  • tickets for any transport,
  • hiring of any transport
  • fuel purchased for any transport
  • parking for any transport

where they are undertaking campaigning on behalf of the non-party campaigner.

Other costs

This includes the cost of use, or hire, of any vehicle or form of transport that displays material promoting the election result, including:

  • design and application of the design to the vehicle or form of transport
  • travelling between electoral areas
  • travelling around an electoral area
  • parking fees where a vehicle is used to display material

Reportable costs include all transport costs associated with one of the other listed activities. For example, transporting someone to a rally.

Last updated: 24 November 2023