Local, mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections that were due to take place in May 2020 were postponed until May 2021, in response to the developing Covid-19 pandemic.

Very few polls took place in 2020, which meant that the number of allegations reported to police forces for investigation was particularly low.

Because this was not a normal year for elections in the UK, this data cannot be meaningfully compared with data for previous or future years. 

Elections in 2020

Local by-elections took place across Great Britain between January and March 2020. After March, the only elections held – which took place under coronavirus restrictions – were eight Scottish Council by-elections in the autumn of 2020. 

15 cases of alleged electoral fraud were investigated by the police. Of these, 10 resulted in no further action and 5 were locally resolved by police. 

Allegations data by police force

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Election petitions

An election petition is a legal challenge to the result and/or the delivery of an election.

One petition was made about the administration of the 23 January 2020 local by-election in the London Borough of Brent. It was claimed that the ballot papers had not been counted correctly and the wrong candidate had been elected. The petition was unsuccessful.