Public Opinion Tracker 2022

Since 2007 the Electoral Commission has tracked public attitudes to different aspects of elections and democracy in the UK. Our most recent study was carried out online, across the UK, in February 2022.


1. Which of the following forms of photo identification do you have? Select all that apply. Passport (British/ Commonwealth/ European economic area), Photocard driving licence, Northern Ireland Electoral ID card/ Translink photo Smartpass, UK biometric immigration document, EEA ID card, PASS scheme (official proof of age) card, Ministry of Defence photo ID card, Concessionary travel pass, Oyster 60+ pass, A Blue Badge photocard parking permit, Don’t have any of these forms of identification, Don’t know NB. Anybody who selected any form of ID at this question counted as having voter ID (so any answer apart from Don’t know or Don’t have any of these forms of Identification


2. We gave respondents a list of potential concerns: Barriers to democratic participation for minority groups, barriers to democratic participation for disabled people, Intimidation of candidates that run for election, Electoral fraud, Foreign influence on UK election results, Inadequate regulation of the money political parties spend on their election campaigns, inadequate regulation of political activity on social media, lower voter turnout at elections, Bias in the media