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Security of data in transit

Security of data in transit

Given that the register contains personal data, you should take measures to ensure that proper caution is exercised when sending this data to any of the entitled recipients.
While you should seek your own advice regarding the most appropriate and secure method of supplying the register to recipients, general security precautions should include as a minimum:

  • saving electronic copies of the register, either sent by email or saved to disk, in a password-protected or encrypted format with the relevant password or encryption key being sent in a separate communication
  • using secure delivery options provided by Royal Mail and other mail delivery service providers 
  • maintaining records of what has been sent, the recipient’s details, and how it was sent

The Information Commissioner’s Office provides advice on encryption, available at
Where you have used data encryption, you will need to ensure that any recipient can access the data.

Further information on data protection considerations for the ERO is covered in our guidance what are the data protection considerations for an Electoral Registration Officer?

Last updated: 12 October 2020